25-Nov-13 (Created: 25-Nov-13) | More in 'Fragments and Dialogs'

Notes on ADOs (Activity Dependent Objects) and how they bolster activity life cycle

I am not entirely happy how objects, especially worker objects, that are dependent on an activity needs to behave and the framework that is available for them to detect the activity availability.

Yes #Android #Fragments are good. yes #AndroidFragments are helpful. May be fragments will solve all of it. Even with fragments I believe there is a case to be made for something called "Activity Dependent Objects" or ADOs in Android.

These are some notes from my thought process here. Mainly as a reminders to myself so that when it is time for me to aggregate them into a framework I would have remembered them.

As I have worked with this idea in the last few months, I think it is mildly helpful. For me it clarified the lifecycle of fragments and activities really well.

The early illustrations below are mainly my brain gibberish and they coalesce more as you scroll down. Also the key conclusions are towards the end. If "Activity Dependent Objects" intrigues you read on.