28-Jul-04 (Created: 28-Jul-04) | More in 'OSCON-2004'

A 6 year old and www.combarbie

Being in portland this week I have the pleasure of talking to my daughter on the phone. This morning she was asking me to do a favor when I get back. I said sure and asked her what it is. She stumbled a few times and finally got around to saying www. Then she proceeded from the pause to say whether I could help her go to www.combarby.

"Dad, but, do you where www.combarby is? It is on the computer. So can you help me go there?"

And there was an enormous doubt in her mind whether Daddy is capable of this after how bungling I was with her newly acquired gameboy. She was wondering if I could take help from Ashley in case if I am not up to the task.