27-Apr-17 (Created: 27-Apr-17) | More in 'CS-SQLServer'

SQL Server and SSDs: The nasty dependency

what I have is a very old Acer Aspire laptop. 5 years may be. I have upgraded it to 32G memory, 64 bit windows 10, and an SSD. Over 2 years ago I have struggled mightily for weeks to get SQL Server 2014 installed. Never succeeded although everything else on the computer ran flawlessly after the upgrade to the SSD for a whole year.

Last thing I suspected is that the SQL Server has such a high dependency on the type of driver used for SSD around block sizes etc.

What follows is a work around for this which involves downgrading to the windows native drivers.

Not only that every time I do this windows goes back updates to the new driver every few months.

SO I am back to the same problem every few months.

Be very very careful doing this on your computer as it might make your computer inoperative if you miss a step. take a full hard drive backup if you ever attempt this! You are warned