6-Aug-13 (Created: 6-Aug-13) | More in 'CS-SQLServer'

A list of databases in the market place

Persistence is a corner stone of all computer applications. The approach to persistence in an application **should** carry lot more weight than the frameworks that are normally used to display or manipulate that data. Persistence and Databases takes a new precedence with web where a variety of databases can all of a sudden open up new alleys to programability over the web.

This trend is evident in a number of multi-tenanted cloud based systems such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics or Parse.

As a web developer these database are important to me because I salivate what can be done with each the strengths that each database bring to the table to push the programmable web by end users.

The goal is no longer where one database rules it all. Bring the diversity and exploit each for their strengths through the cloud.