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05.01 Working with AS400 tables from windows using iseriesNavigator


1. Install iseries navigator
2. Make sure you install the full set of components
3. Obtain the systemname/userid/password
4. Create a connection using 3

1. Install iseries navigator

IBM as part of its universal DB2 solution has a program that is similar to SQLServers Query Analyzer. Using this program one can manage their relational databases without knowing that they exist on AS400 platform. To get this product you need to have the UDB client on the windows box. You also need a data access gateway product from IBM which will probably cost an arm and a leg.

If the above proves to be a difficulty then IBM offers a front end for AS400 called "iseriesNavigator". When this program is installed on the windows, it will let you see the AS400 box and manage it in a number of ways. At least it allows the following:

1. Provide ODBC drivers
2. Ability to see the box and databases inside of it in a file explorer fashion
3. Ability to see the tables and their contents
4. Ability to see the text of stored procs
5. Comes with a JDBC client that allows you to create and execute stored procs
6. Make sure to set all of the JDBC options correctly when creating stored procs

2. Make sure you install the full set of components

If not, you may not be able to see your databases when you login via a connection. when this happens tell the installed to install the complete set(what ever that might mean).

3. Obtain the systemname/userid/password

When you double click the iseries navigator first, (looks like a compass), it will ask you to create connection to an AS400. You need the ip or the domain name of your system. You also need the userid and password. Using these three you can create any number of connections. The file manager like think will show you these connections in the left hand pane.

When you expand these you will see the datab