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Resume (2012)

Satya Komatineni

Updated 2012

I have a Masters in Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi(1987). Since then I have worked with IBM, National Bank of Australia, Millipore, CSX, Ryder Logistics, Ceva Logistics, and now I am at Bluecross Blueshield of Florida. My current professional work is around Strategy, Vision, Solutions, Design and Programming for the Enterprise. The Enterprise areas of focus are: Web, Mobile, and Cloud. I am also a co-author of ProAndroid, a well received book on Android Mobile Platform from APress. I have created (and continue to enhance) AspireWeb, a Java based RAD Web Platform. I have also developed "Knowledgefolders" a multi-tenanted learn-and-publish platform. I published over 50 articles on Java, Dotnet, Databases, Software Engineering, Internationalization, and SOA. I am also a co-author and implementor of a number of SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) grants.


Master of Technology in Satellite Communications and Radar Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India - 1986

Bachelor Of Engineering in Electronics and Digital Communications Engineering, Andhra University, India - 1984




LinkedIn public profile of me

email: satya.komatineni@gmail.com


2011/2012(Florida Blue)- Strategy and Software for Contact Centers

Florida Blue serves 4 million lives for their health care needs in the state of Florida. I have been a key member of the team that analyzed suitable solutions to enhance the member experience with the contact center. I have looked at the detail architecturs of Salesforce, PEGA systems, Microsoft Dynamics and Siebel for their suitability for a health care contact center.

In a separate effort, provide architecture and facilitate with a number of external vendors to allow business agility and reduce time to market. This is a significant amount of integration and co-ordination work.

2009/2011(Florida Blue) - Rearchitect Florida Blue Web Sales Platforms

Rearchitect the consumber health care sales platforms for Florida Blue to enable rapid introduction of new products. This is game changing technology that allows products to be designed standalone and introduce them into a running platform with out recompiling the core platform similar to cloud deployment. I have led a core team of 3 and then a supplementary team of over 10 to migrate the current products to this new platform.

I also took a key marketing website that is developed on Websphere and move it to Drupal for agility, cost, and quality. I have shown a 10 time reduction in code size and corresponding benefits in testing and stability. I have led a team of 5 core developers and an additional 10 supplemental support folks for infrastructure, and testing to bring this novel approach to the Enterprise.

Inroduced Salesforce for the Florida Blue sales agents to sell health insurance to consumers. I have integrated Salesforce with single-sign-on with Florida Blue's single-sign-on solution which is PMI. I have also integrated Salesforce with the Florida Blue web sales platforms to avoid retyping and also propagate status. I have led a team of about 15 across multiple teams to coordinate all of the work.

2006/2009 (Florida Blue) - Strategy, Planning, Architecture

Understand the entire portfolio of applications and processes at Florida Blue and draw out a road map for their target architecture. The areas researched include marketing, sales, underwriting, enrollment, id cards, fulfillment, billing, commissions, claims, provider networks, ancillary products (such as dental, life, critical illness). I have worked with a number of departments and conclusions were presented to Senior Vice Presidents. These road maps helped in planning and allocation of funds for future projects.

The work that came out of this helped in reshaping the front end sales platforms and a new strategy for ancillary products.

2004/2006 (Florida Blue) - Web Sales Platform for Small Company Health Insurance

Led a team of over 15 develoeprs and 50 personnel to implement a small group sales process that needed to co-exist with the internal sales platform of Siebel. I have architected a service bus that used Siebel as the provider of services and the UI is entirely developed in J2EE.

2009/2012 (Active Intellect) - 4 Editions of Pro Android for APress

worked on weekends to co-author a comprehensive developers book for the Android SDK. It is extremely well received on Amazon and held the top 4 spots in the mobile programming for a number of months. Spoke at multiple conferences on Android including the quite prestigious OSCON (O'Reilly Open Source Conference) in 2009.

Created a marketing platform for the book by slightly tweaking the Aspire Knoweldge Folders (AKF: The open source CMS that I have designed and worked on for the last 10 years).

Implemented custom objects in AKF that are similar to content types in Drupal and custom objects in Salesforce and Siebel. This innovative facility will allow JQuery UI applets to be written by various tenants that can be hosted on AKF. The future work exploding this idea multi-fold to write custom applications with in a CMS and with in a cloud.

2002/2009 (Active Intellect) - Consulting, Research, Publishing

worked at various companies part time mainly consulting around J2EE and Asp.net while continue to develop and publish research papers on AspireWeb and AKF. Published over 50 papers. Spoke at OSCON 3 times on novel ideas in software development.

Helped author a number of SBIR grants. Contributed to a lot of research to the approved grants ranging from early portals to SVG based Javascript drawing.

2002/2004 (Ceva Logistics) - Multi-tenanted Logistics Platform

Provided architecture for migrating a power builder and native windows based platform to asp.net. Published a number of papers on asp.net especially around localization.

1998/2002 (CSX) - Web Frameworks

Helped CSX to develop an executable architecture (framework) to quickly and consistentnly develop database and mainframe driven web applications. A number of web applications at CSX used this server side framework.

1995/1998 (Ryder) - Windows MFC and C++ based Logistics Planning System

I have led a team of 20 developers to develop this windows based MFC application to provide routing and load planning.

1991/1995 (CSX) - C++ based Transportation Framework

Use C++ extensively to convert Mac based image work flow system to OS/2 and Sybase. I have also played a key role in architecting a general purpose Transportation Framework in C++. This is where I was able to cut my teeth on designing a framework that could transform an Enterprise.

1987/1991 (IBM, Millipore, NAB) OS/2 and C++ work

Helped IBM to test Plant floor operating systems based on OS/2 by writing test interpreters in "C" and then writing the scripts to test them.

Helped National Bank of Australia to design OS/2 based terminal software for their branch networks.

Wrote code for Millipore Chromatography division using C++ and MFC. This is a windows desktop based chemical analysis tool. Really cool stuff.

Current Research

  1. Serverside functional languages,
  2. Custom objects,
  3. Programmable eco-systems,
  4. Big table,
  5. FluidInfo,
  6. AppEngine,
  7. Salesforce,
  8. Drupal,
  9. Microsoft Dynamics,
  10. Jquery,
  11. Node.js,
  12. Knockout.js,
  13. Yes!! Compilers

Developed Commerical Grade Software Systems

  1. LiveMedJournal.com: Helped Indent to architect a portal solution for developing and distributing high end online video/audio seminars dedicated to noted specialists in the medical Industry (2003/4)
  2. ShareOnWeb.com: Helped Indent to architect a portal solution for an open ended video/audio collaboration. (2003/4)
  3. AspireWeb: An Open Sourced, Architecture driven, declarative RAD tool for enterprise level J2EE/XML web development. (1998/2005)
  4. AspireCharts: A RAD tool for visualizing enterprise data using Corda's PopCharts technology. (2003/4)
  5. RASI: An advanced web based annotation application for images, awarded by NASA as part of their small business innovative research. (2004/5)
  6. An Open Source public content management system (2005/2012)

Published Papers

The partial list of 30 or so articles can be seen online at the O'Reilly website: http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/au/241.

Other publications include Java Report, Java Developers Journal, XML Journal

A set of slected papers/weblogs relevent to Enterprise Architecture

Qualities of Middle Tier Architecture


Using Hierarchical Data Sets with Aspire and Tomcat


Reshaping IT Project Delivery Through Extreme Prototyping


SOA Projections, Common Data Models, and eventually Surface Oriented Data Architectures


Object Oriented Technical Summary

Java, J2EE, C#, .Net, XML/XSLT, Servlets, EJB, COM+, Apache, Jserv, Tomcat, Websphere, WebLogic, C++, CORBA, COM/Active X, MFC, UML, Patterns, Enterprisewide Data modeling utilizing ERWIN, Oracle, MSSQL Server, PL/SQL, SQLJ, Corporate-wide Framework architecture based on C# and Java


Salesforce, PEGA, Microsoft Dynamics, Siebel

Other Technical Expertise

C#, .Net, ASP.Net, COM+, Microsoft XML technologies, SQL Server data modeling and stored procedures, optimization Java, Servlets, EJBs, CORBA, Visual C++ with MFC under NT 4.0, Borland C++ with OWL under NT 3.51, VisualAge C++with ICLUI under OS/2 and AIX, Java Builder, VisualAge Java JDBC, data modeling with ERWIN, MS-SQL Server( SYBASE ),ORACLE 6.0& SQLNET, Oracle, Database independent C++ class library development, Relational data modeling for medium sized projects using ERWIN.

I am planning to publish the following

  1. Fifth Edition of Pro Android for APress
  2. Sensible Approaches to Software Engineering: A sequel to Mythical Man Month
  3. Why Every student should be taught how to write a compiler
  4. Why Process Engineering doesn't work? (What works then?)
  5. How do you inspire a software development team?
  6. How do you deliver projects on time and mostly at budget?
  7. How do you address code quality?
  8. Role of Enterprise Architecture and why does it usally not work? (And what works!)
  9. Even a good programmer is rare!! But every successful project needs at least one good programmer!!