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java/sample code: General idea of a typeface

 * Created on Oct 1, 2005
package com.ai.typefaces;

import java.util.Iterator;

import com.ai.common.IDictionary;
import com.ai.reflection.BeanInfo;
import com.ai.reflection.BeanInfoRegistry;
import com.ai.reflection.FieldInfo;
import com.ai.reflection.ReflectionException;

 * @author Satya Komatineni
public class TypeFaceFacility implements ITypeFaceFacility 
   public Object castTo(Class objectClass, IDictionary dictionary) 
   throws ReflectionException
      //Instantiate the object based on the class
      //instantiate a bean info for this object
      //For each public field infos
      //      get its name
      //      get its value from dictionary
      //      set the value using get or directly on the field info
      // return the object
      BeanInfo bi = BeanInfoRegistry.getBeanInfo(objectClass);
      Object targetObject = bi.constructObject();
      Iterator fieldInfoItr = bi.getFieldInfos();
         //for each field info
         FieldInfo fi = (FieldInfo)fieldInfoItr.next();
         Object fieldValue = dictionary.get(fi.m_name);
      return null;