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Mr. Grumpy

How to use the exercise

Read, Underline GR words

And let us write 10 GR words down

  1. _______
  2. _______
  3. _______
  4. _______
  5. _______
  6. _______
  7. _______
  8. _______
  9. _______
  10. _______
Say hello to Mr. Grumpy.
He went to buy a gram of grits.
In his grip he has five dimes.
On the way he dropped a dime in the grass.

He reached for the ground.
He lost his groove
He fell on the grill
He has greece on his hands now

He can not grin
He is all grim now
He wants to growl
His color is gray now

He wish he had a grape
and he said his grace
He got his groove back
He went to the store to buy his grits
All is well when the grace is said