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Letters to India     summary
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practice-sheets     summary
Aesops fables from university of Virginia (3-Apr-04)
An exercise in rhyming (14-Oct-03)
Dale The Whale (20-Mar-04)
Hats ahoy! (1-Jun-04)
Helping your child to learn to read (30-Mar-04)
Mick does a trick (1-Jun-04)
Mr. Grumpy (31-Mar-04)
My House- class reading (9-Apr-04)
Online childrens stories (30-Mar-04)
Play Ball! (20-Mar-04)
Sight words (14-Oct-03)
Sight words exercise: have, what (25-Oct-03)
Sight words organized by length (14-Oct-03)
Sort two numbers (23-Nov-03)
Sort two numbers: 2 (23-Nov-03)
Sort two numbers: empty (23-Nov-03)
The farm (1-Jun-04)
This is another demo (26-Mar-04)
What do we see? (20-Mar-04)
Rainforest project     summary
Reptile Report     summary
Teaching     summary