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oscon-2009     summary
A survey of concurrency systems (28-Jul-09)
An API for new york times (29-Jul-09)
Approaches for opensource documentation (29-Jul-09)
big data, analytics, R Programming language (29-Jul-09)
Building a social website (14-Aug-09)
Cassandra and Dynamo (29-Jul-09)
chef (29-Jul-09)
couchdb (28-Jul-09)
Database design is never old (29-Jul-09)
ec2 and linux images (28-Jul-09)
eclipse plugins are always a favorite (29-Jul-09)
fast websites from google (29-Jul-09)
fluiddb (26-Aug-10)
Gearman (14-Aug-09)
General Help and Notes on OSCON 2009 (24-Jul-09)
git 101 (4-Aug-09)
html 5 and video tags (28-Jul-09)
iphone trickery (29-Jul-09)
jfluiddb sample (26-Aug-10)
jruby (29-Jul-09)
JSON: investigate why? (29-Jul-09)
language: clojure (14-Aug-09)
language: erlang (30-Jul-09)
language: haskell (11-May-11)
making the best out of conferences (29-Jul-09)
memcached (28-Jul-09)
microsoft research (28-Jul-09)
mobile: phonegap (14-Aug-09)
mobile: titanium (19-Aug-09)
mobile: xmlvm (30-Jul-09)
My session at OSCON 2009 on Android Animation and OpenGL (24-Jul-09)
neo4j: a graph database (29-Jul-09)
New Ways for Teaching Children Software Programming: joule labs (29-Jul-09)
Notes on Semantic web session (29-Jul-09)
open source at google (14-Aug-09)
Opensource Telephony: ofono, intel (14-Aug-09)
oscon key note (22-Jul-09)
oscon: automated iphone testing (23-Jul-09)
oscon: build business with opensource (28-Jul-09)
oscon: hadoop (23-Jul-09)
oscon: NASA world wind (23-Jul-09)
oscon: parrot Compiler Toolkit (29-Jul-09)
oscon: sphinx python (29-Jul-09)
oscon: whats next in the ui (23-Jul-09)
Personal growth from google folks (29-Jul-09)
reverse proxies: varnish (11-Aug-09)
run linux on older laptops (29-Jul-09)
should I consider drupal (29-Jul-09)
software for genomics (14-Aug-09)
Tell me about yaml (29-Jul-09)
Testing iphone with ruby (29-Jul-09)
version control: bazaar (30-Jul-09)
what are cobbler and puppet (28-Jul-09)
what are yahoo pipes? (29-Jul-09)
what is kettle: A data integration tool (14-Aug-09)
what is LINA? (30-Jul-09)
what is windmill: web test development (14-Aug-09)
whats behind moblin (29-Jul-09)
whats up with Mule (28-Jul-09)
working with digital cameras (29-Jul-09)
working with new linux based devices (29-Jul-09)
You must see this: ignite (29-Jul-09)
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