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2003-10-09 The Reptile Report, Oct 9th (15-Oct-03)
2003-10-16 The Reptile Report, Oct 16th (17-Oct-03)
2003-10-23 The Reptile Report, Oct 23rd (25-Oct-03)
2003-11-13 The Reptile Report, Nov 13th (uncomplete) (16-Nov-03)
2004-01-08 Reptile Report January 8th 2004 (9-Jan-04)
2004-02-19 Reptile Report February 19th 2004 (20-Feb-04)
2004-02-26 Reptile Report February 26th 2004 (1-Mar-04)
2004-03-11 Reptile Report March 11th 2004 (20-Mar-04)
2004-04-08 Reptile Report April 8th, 2004 (9-Apr-04)
Miscelleaneous (1-Jun-04)
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