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Letters to India     summary
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Poems     summary
A you are adorable - Budday Kaye etc., (9-Apr-04)
Enchanted Tulips and Other Verses for Children (1914): a machine-readable transcription (30-Mar-04)
God Bless America: Lyrics (30-Oct-03)
I'm a little teapot, short and stout (30-Oct-03)
I'm an acorn, small and round (30-Oct-03)
Little Miss Muffet (25-Oct-04)
Over in the Meadow (25-Oct-04)
Questions - A poem collection by Lee Bennett Hopkins (23-Jul-04)
The itsy bitsy spider (25-Oct-04)
The text of Lincoln's Portrait (30-Oct-03)
This land is your land: (by Woody Guthrie) (30-Oct-03)
What a wonderful world - George Weiss / Bob Thiele (9-Apr-04)
You are my sunshine - Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell (9-Apr-04)
Young childrens music collection from NIEHS (9-Apr-04)
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Rainforest project     summary
Reptile Report     summary
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