Public Knowledge Folders of The Lizards JCDS

00.01 About     summary
Book 1 - Reading     summary
Book Noes: Follow the leader (23-Nov-03)
Book Noes: Puppies by Kelly Doudna (ABDO) (23-Nov-03)
Feathrs or fur? (1-Mar-04)
Illustrating sleeping outdoors by Marchette Chute (14-Oct-03)
Practice colors (18-Nov-03)
Practice Numbers (18-Nov-03)
Sentences: Cookies (20-Feb-04)
sight word scramblers 1 (12-Feb-04)
Sight words exercise: number 2 (27-Oct-03)
Sight words exercise: Where (1-Nov-03)
Sort two numbers: 3 (23-Nov-03)
Sort two numbers: 4 (23-Nov-03)
To market, to market (1-Mar-04)
What can we do? (1-Mar-04)
Word exercise (12-Feb-04)
Book 2 - Math     summary
Book 4     summary
Book 5     summary
Books     summary
just blogs     summary
Letters to India     summary
Math sheets     summary
Pictures     summary
Poems     summary
practice-sheets     summary
Rainforest project     summary
Reptile Report     summary
Teaching     summary