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How to reinstall a web application that runs well in windows 32 bit environment on a 64 bit windows server. Tons of issues. It may be possible.

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6) how can I test akc


how can I test akc

Knowledge Folders is a web application that holds and displays content for multiple users. I have been wondering lately if I could expose the content from this single web application as multiple web sites with their own domain names? Could I use virtual hosts to do this? Or do I need to use reverse proxies? How and where am I going to register domain names? What entries I need to make in tomcat configuration files? How do I handle emails for these independent domains? What else do I need to do in my web application? What will the end result look like?

After a few weeks of effort, I was able to expose Knowledge Folders as multiple web sites with their own domain names. It turned out I didn't need to go to reverse proxies for now and could use virtual hosts. I was also able to get my multiple domain names from I was able to use tomcat host/alias settings to effectively route traffic from all these domains to the same webapp. Using index.jsp of the webapp I was able to separate the content between different domains. After all this effort I ended up with a way to publish online web sites very quickly and expose them as their own domains. The resulting web sites will have a number of features that static web sites won't be able to accomplish easily.

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12) service.bat


This file is used to control how tomcat services are registered in windows platforms.

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22) what is default host


what is default host

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25) windows firewalls


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27) windows netsh command


windows netsh command

netstat -a -b -o > test.txt
netstat -a -b -o | find "LISTENING" > test.txt