Themes and Styles

Custom fonts for Android

How do you use default style with custom components?

The drawable resource directory in Android resources is a testament to the fluency of Android's declarative architecture. The collection of links here and a few notes that I made here demonstrate how to manage view backgrounds in Android using various xml files in the drawable directory: Shapes, Layered Lists etc. Read further for more details.

When there are so many vendors and devices it is tricky to choose colors to highlight or subdue either for text or images. This is because the devices and users may choose themes that might make your hard coded colors a bit awkward or even disappear.

Ideally you want to respect the themes and choose a symbolic color to draw attention. I wonder what everyone is doing for a need like this?

Pleasing Android Layouts

understand styles and themes

Understanding Android Custom Attributes: An Article

what attributes are allowed for a custom object?