I will document here some extra ordinary TED sessions that I ran into. Surprisingly number of views on google for these sessions is not yet a predictor of how good and rewarding these sessions are.

Should you stumble on to this page I hope to have saved you hours of viewing and tell you what I wish no one would miss!

1) Good TED


Good TED

How can I do *essential* chores when I don't want to?

3) How do I start?


How do I start?

4) How to work?


This is not about what is work, or why I should work, but about how should I work. The practice of work. To be a bit flippant a sort of Karma Yoga.

What elevates work? is it a mood? is it an emotion? is it space? is it time? is it motivation? is it commitment? is it need? is it joy? is it responsibility? is it meaning?

So, I intend to gather a series of ruminations on how to practice work

5) On Education


On Education

6) On Joy


On Joy

7) Read later


Read later

8) What I learned


What I learned

What should inspire you?

10) Why Work?


Why Work?