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Dicusses RSS and its proponents and opponents. Also has related material about other blogs.

2) Creative Commons



Something to do with law and ideas

The Creative Commons is devoted to expanding the range of creative work available for others to build upon and share.

3) echoupal.com



e-Choupal, the unique web based initiative of ITC's International Business Division, offers the Farmers of India all the information, products and services they need to enhance farm productivity, improve farm-gate price realisation and cut transaction costs. Farmers can access latest local and global information on weather, scientific farming practices as well as market prices at the village itself through this web portal - all in Hindi. Choupal also facilitates supply of high quality farm inputs as well as purchase of commodities at their doorstep.

Given the literacy and infrastructure constraints at village level, this model is designed to provide physical service support through a Choupal Sanchalak - himself a lead farmer - who acts as the interface between computer terminal and the farmers. Full contents of this site are therefore made available to the registered sanchalaks only

5) Mentornet.net




The link above is to an article that describes how to create an rss news aggregator. In it is information on rss and how it works. Surfacing an rss feed from your knowledge base site might be a good thing.

- by Paul


What do you make of this? Should we start using these to build UI, instead of Frontpage?

- Pramod