0) Agenda



1) GDGJax 2012 decks


GDGJax 2012 decks

GDGJax Presenters and Contacts

3) My key words for Ted


My key words for Ted

4) Notes on Ted Diet


(Important, Signficant, and possibly authoritative) Information that was buried in niche human conclaves is rising to the surface through the combination of YouTube and Ted. These two are an incredible mix. I believe this pair will bring a new era of positive knowledge and also expedite the research, at least by contagion.

I have watched a few sessions on diet based on my search in youtube "Ted Diet". I will list the ones below in a minute that are remarkably relevant to all of us.

The question these sessions try to answer is "Can we heal through diet"?

The answer, if we were to believe even 50% of it, is very very very encouraging and hopeful.

Documenting these sessions here is a reminder to myself and if you happen to run into them, I consider this effort my good deed for the day.

Click on the title of this topic link above to see the videos.

5) Possible TED sessions


This is a list of wonderful TED sessions that I have planned to show at UNF for the GDGJax 2012 event.

6) Ted Extractions


Ted Extractions

7) What is GDGJax2012


What is GDGJax2012