Aspire Notes

This document is useful for customizing akc inner master page. I will document later all the details. For now this is just a reference.

A sample akc html page

allow for public and private master pages

Aspire Design Guidelines

4) Aspire Release 39


Aspire Release 39

Deal with in clauses in SQL Server

Example data definition for a sample html page

Example of an exception based update

find a way to alter master transform

find an easy way to introduce functions

Folders and tags are typically used to classify documents. This classification can then be used when displaying that document. Sometimes a document may want to dictate how it wants to be displayed: for example to show what are the related documents.

The dependent documents may not be aware of the main document that wants to pull them together. However when they are displayed in the context of the requested document they honor that context and show the links coming from the main document.

It may be possible to do this with dedicated tags or folders for that matter. (Something to think further in the design)

Formalize microtemplating engine in Aspire

12) Go to git when possible


Go to git when possible

Content types in Generic Transformations

Aspire AKC portal allows you to define a custom home page URL. This file documents how to specify a home page in your multi-tenanted account and also possibly use a different background for the homepage.

Implementation notes and documentation on how I have implemented client side widgets on this site and AKC in general. At a high level I use aspire, jquery, jquery jsrender, akc xmltojson, and plain html divs.

16) List design


List design

17) Log settings in aspire


Log settings in aspire

Make parts a separate folder in aspire docs

Nature of Aspire: CollectionToBooleanConverter

20) New Aspire Releases


New Aspire Releases

Notes on multipart implementation

22) Notes on Tweaking Aspire


Notes on Tweaking Aspire

23) Plan end game for akc


Plan end game for akc

24) Programming Notes


Programming Notes

Provide template editing for documents

Quick references for client side widgets

27) Tagged menus


Tagged menus

28) test tagged menus


test tagged menus

Use this structure for the new ai website

what are main topics to work on for akc?

Widget implementation. Holds js files that were originally used. See the uploaded files link when logged-in to see the files.

Work on editable lists for online blogs

This article should answer the following questions or have the topics that include

What are client side widgets?
What are template servers?
What is the architecture?
Can you show me some diagrams?
What tools did you use?
Are there code snippets for important concepts?
Role of CSS in template servers?
What essential CSS do I need to learn?
What are the files that this architecture is implemented in?
  Javascript filenames
  Files in the CMS
Are there synergisitic technologies that already address this?
Are there other technologies that already do this available to public?
what are the limitations at the moment?
How can this be further improved?
What is the future?