Android Avds, Install, Emulator

adt error on project name but no other errors

Android virtual devices

Common errors in ADT projects and how to fix them

Creating a new android project

Creating the AVD and running your first app on the AVD

Emulator issues in Android 4.0

You will find a few notes on what to do as you start running your first apps on the honeycombe emulator.

How best to migrate projects to 1.5?


How come I can't open XML wizard?

How to backup and restore android installation

How to run android applications on a device from the eclipse ADB

How to start emulator manually

How to uninstall an android app

How to uninstall an app in the emulator

minsdkversion and targetsdkversion

A journal/notes on installing android versions over time, again, and again. Look through towards down for more and more refinement and information.

17) Quick Eclipse


Quick Eclipse

18) So, Icrcream sandwich


So, Icrcream sandwich

It is often, occasionally followed by a wave of hand, that one advises or talks of "jar" (packaged java files that makes up an application or module) files as being signed.

Few times we ask back: "What do you mean by signed"?

What does it mean for a jar file to be signed?

Does this signing has parallels to how we sign physical documents? Do they differ? How do they differ if they do?

How do you establish a "pattern? of understanding for digital signatures so that you treat the subject abstractly just like when someone says they signed a physical document?

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