Ordered by author
The Gesell Institute's child behavior from birth to ten
Frances S. IIg & Louise Bates Ames, Harper 8 Row

Off to A. Good start 
Amy L. Toole, Walker & company

Don't push your preschooler
Louise Bates

Children with out childhood
Marie Win

The hurried child - Growing up too fast too soon
David Elkind

First grade takes a test
Miriam Cohen

When will I read
Miriam Cohen

What am I doing in this grade
Louise Bates

Child Behavior
Frances LLg (or IIg)

School Failure
Louis Bates Ames

Leo the late bloomer
Robert Krause

Emphasize the importance of service to others with the students. Each grade level will choose one project to do during hte school year.

Continue to inspire teachers and staff members about the critical need for character education. Send teachers to character education training.

Include training and support from the character education committee for the extended care staff. Develop a character pledge in each class to be used during the school year as a daily remainder to the students to practice good character.

Use time in divisional meetings to plan and share effective strategies for implementing the programs

Plan monthly assemblies for the entire school community that are meaningful, child centered and inspirational

Develop a school wide rubric on bullying for consistency in the implementation of effective strategies to prevent bullying behaviors

Use the character education reporting system to insure consistent expectations

Improve communications with parents about character education to inspire JCDS families

Oppositional behavior at odds with self and environment
Ritualistic in nature
Nose picking, nail biting and thumb sucking may increase
Sibling rivalry becomes dominant
Child is becoming more of a worrier
Over demanding and explosive
Emotions are in a constant state of tension
More susceptiable to
cold, headaches, earaches and stomach aches
Less motor control and awkwad pencil grip
Frequently loses visual orientation
reversals become common
Calm, collected and self-contained
Becoming interested in written word
Optimistic, positiveness
Meshes with environment
wants to be good
close to mother
Stomach aches are fairly common
A good judge of what she can and cannot do
Lives in the here and now and is not adventurous
does not worry
Especially fond of family
Responds well to praise
Usually eager to learn
Gets along with peers
Get a good night sleep starting at 8
Good breakfast
Dess yourself
learn to use tissue
care for self in the bathroom
washing hands
ask for help when needed

Finish what you begin
assume responsibility of putting away things
Be responsible for personal belongings in the home
such as
Jackets, sweaters, school notes, library books
lunch boxes, back packs, swim suits

Practice tying shoes