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0) Online dictionaries (6-Sep-18)

1) Places (4-Mar-18)

2) Blow-Hards in 1855 (2-Dec-17)

3) Well Written (28-Nov-17)

4) Is Music a language? (5-Nov-17)

5) Edith Sitwell (19-Jul-17)

6) Don Marquis (19-Jul-17)

7) Understanding particles: Quark-Gluon Plasma (fascinating) (12-Jul-17)

8) A conversation (25-Nov-16)

9) When you are Big (14-Nov-16)

10) The joy that isnt shared, i have heard, dies young - Anne Sexton (14-Nov-16)

11) 5052 Bound For Glory - Woody Guhrie (3-Aug-16)

12) 5050 Three Latin Words: ergo, ad hominem, a fortiori (3-Aug-16)

13) 5049 Poem: Solitude by Alexander Pope (3-Aug-16)

14) 4994 Children, Pets, Spouses and other annoying things (2-Aug-16)

15) George Saunders (23-May-15)

16) David Mcollough (23-May-15)

17) Christopher Catrambone (9-May-15)

18) A letter for Hampi (6-Mar-15)

19) Who is Howard Pyle? (13-Nov-14)

20) Casabianca: Old for most, but new to me, No question nevertheless, stunningly beautiful (2-Feb-14)

21) I hope he gets a long sentence and other conversations (30-Jan-14)

22) Advice to my younger self (11-Nov-13)

23) On Clarity and its intimate relationship to Work and Happyness (2-Nov-13)

24) This art effort from google is remarkable (15-Jul-13)

25) Stanton Multi (9-May-13)

26) Rabindranath Maitra and Manmoyee Girls School (20-Apr-13)

27) GooglePlus #TreeTuesday pictures: Should you like trees (15-Mar-13)

28) "despite" is a good word (5-Mar-13)

29) Architecture (5-Mar-13)

30) Reading Walden Pond (19-Jan-13)

31) A walk with out a Camera! My Aldo Leopold Moment! (19-Jan-13)

32) Taking stock of 2012 (3-Jan-13)

33) The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose - Merchant of Venice (1-Nov-12)

34) Agricultural inventions of the past (3-Oct-12)

35) This is pretty cool! To be able to search tv broadcasts (18-Sep-12)

36) Technology and Courage by Ivan Sutherland (11-Aug-12)

37) This underground in NYC is fascinating (10-Aug-12)

38) So how badly do I write... (15-Jun-12)

39) Oh!!! Our Oceans are So Immense!!! (7-May-12)

40) Vilambanam #word (23-Apr-12)

41) Vaa.da.ya.tei Mru.du Vei.Num (21-Apr-12)

42) In praise of American Institutions (9-Apr-12)

43) maw: the undulating maw of time (28-Mar-12)

44) James Q Wilson (7-Mar-12)

45) Dr. Stanley Culpepper, University of Georgia, Agronomist (7-Mar-12)

46) The phantom tollbooth (30-Nov-11)

47) Spencer Tracey: Inherit the Wind (30-Nov-11)

48) The Melody of Rhythm: Bela and Hussain (5-Nov-11)

49) Bela Fleck (5-Nov-11)

50) Rounder Records (5-Nov-11)

51) Abigail Washburn (5-Nov-11)

52) AkaLanaka Srushti (5-Nov-11)

53) Navaratna Harame Amaru Neeku!! (5-Nov-11)

54) vakragathi (5-Nov-11)

55) How Modern Societies are abandoning their young! The crisis of Jobs (19-Sep-11)

56) Additive properties of goodness (9-Jul-11)

57) When you start young (6-Jul-11)

58) Making stuff (25-Jun-11)

59) Peggy Lee and Fever (10-Jan-11)

60) A psalm of life - Longfellow (10-Jan-11)

61) Tom Robbins (28-Dec-10)

62) song: Ray Lamontagne: Devil's in the Jukebox (4-Sep-10)

63) Average climber... (10-Nov-09)

64) Threnody (10-Nov-09)

65) ROI (5-Nov-09)

66) Chiaroscuros (22-Oct-09)

67) who is Ardi? (3-Oct-09)

68) Theodore Dalrymple (28-Sep-09)

69) Who is Norman Borlaug? (21-Sep-09)

70) What would "drift" of a "compact" be? (6-Jun-09)

71) epistemology (26-May-09)

72) ecumenical (26-May-09)

73) Explore prehistoric time line (20-May-09)

74) song: My Stolen Identity (9-May-09)

75) what does this mean: sonnet 33 (3-May-09)

76) Wes Davis (1-May-09)

77) Language and Expression (27-Apr-09)

78) belay (25-Apr-09)

79) Arctic Sea and the Polar Ice Cap (8-Apr-09)

80) ineluctable (8-Apr-09)

81) Prating Mountebanks - The Bard (6-Apr-09)

82) Legends and Lyrics (6-Apr-09)

83) Conclusion... (29-Dec-08)

84) Footprints on the sands of time... (27-Dec-08)

85) Who is Miguel Zenon (21-Dec-08)

86) Who is Tony Foster? (21-Dec-08)

87) Read some works by Alfred Russel Wallace (20-Dec-08)

88) Scott Simon, December 20th 2008 show (20-Dec-08)

89) Oscar Hamerstein and brilliant lyrics (20-Dec-08)

90) Elliott Carter composed 40 of his compositions as a nonagerian (10-Dec-08)

91) Note to self: Read "Complications" by Atul Gawande (29-Nov-08)

92) Amy MacDonald (16-Aug-08)

93) Did you say "Unrecumbent"? (11-Jul-08)

94) Knits us together by bone and muscle..George Eliot (9-Jul-08)

95) South Pacific with Kelli O'Hara (16-Jun-08)

96) Moments that define spirituality - (11-Jun-08)

97) Journal of our 5 year old (28-May-08)

98) What or who is a "lunkhead"? (15-May-08)

99) Speed Racer is a brilliant film (10-May-08)

100) how come snakes are meat eaters? (7-May-08)

101) What is ecdysis? (3-May-08)

102) you can neither straighten their noses, nor brighten their wit .. George Eliot (10-Apr-08)

103) Shakuntala of Ravi Varma and Kalidasa (5-Apr-08)

104) Ken Follet, Remigius, and Julio Diaz (5-Apr-08)

105) Broadmoor East Course (29-Feb-08)

106) I'll never forget the day I read a book - Jimmy Durante (19-Jan-08)

107) palikeDidi bhAgavatamaTa - Pothana (11-Jan-08)

108) who is Geraldine Brooks? (10-Jan-08)

109) Figuring out Skeletal Pal (DUD BUD): An exercise in Synonyms (1-Nov-07)

110) where are my marbles: mathematically simple thoughts (10-Oct-07)

111) You must read this book: Diary of a wimpy kid (9-Oct-07)

112) Proud of of the "Big One" (5-Oct-07)

113) Show me a T-Rex Dad (30-Sep-07)

114) 2007 MacArthur Fellows (28-Sep-07)

115) True antidote to sleep (11-Sep-07)

116) Who is Victor Borge? (16-Jul-07)

117) who is David Steinberg? (14-Jul-07)

118) Just the same - You and I, My brother under the sun (7-Jul-07)

119) Indestructible.. (30-Jun-07)

120) Value of baking chicken (26-Jun-07)

121) words I misspell (16-Jun-07)

122) Delightfully Small in his greatness - O Henry (15-Jun-07)

123) Raymond Chandler and desert winds (9-Jun-07)

124) Andrew Wyeth : China Blue (8-Jun-07)

125) Let me but move one question to your daughter - Shak. (7-Jun-07)

126) Give me your tired, .. (7-Jun-07)

127) Ought to be fun.. (31-May-07)

128) The Lanyard by Billy Collins (7-May-07)

129) Incredible illusions (7-May-07)

130) 3d modelling kids projects (14-Apr-07)

131) A set of five books in science (14-Apr-07)

132) Stepping outside: when ordinary turns to Art (10-Apr-07)

133) There are many, not all subtle, ways to be incredibly funny (31-Mar-07)

134) Susan Werner Gospels: If you are in a mood to listen, wonder, and cry in celebration (31-Mar-07)

135) Tennessee Williams Notebooks quotes (10-Mar-07)

136) F Scott Fitzgerald: the test of a first-rate intelligence (5-Mar-07)

137) James Kelly, Scott Nadler, Leading from Below (5-Mar-07)

138) Adam Hochschild Abolition Great Britain, Clark, wilberforce (17-Feb-07)

139) Just well said (31-Jan-07)

140) Attacks of hoplessness, depression, and discouragement (5-Jan-07)

141) The internet public library (23-Dec-06)

142) NPRs Prairee home companion (27-Jan-05)

143) Quintessential Prairee home humor (29-Aug-04)