c# questions

0) 05.01 what is encapsulation? (5-Jun-09)

1) 05.02 What is abstract class? (11-May-09)

2) 05.02 What is inheritance? (11-May-09)

3) 05.03 What is polymorphism? (11-May-09)

4) 05.04 What is multiple inheritance? (11-May-09)

5) 05.05 What is an interface? (11-May-09)

6) 05.06 What is a virtual method? (11-May-09)

7) 05.07 What is public, private, and protected? (11-May-09)

8) 05.08 What are the fundamental data types in c#? (11-May-09)

9) 05.09 What is a constructor? (11-May-09)

10) 05.10 what is a default contrsuctor? (11-May-09)

11) 05.11 How do you declare an abstract class in C#? (11-May-09)

12) 05.11 what is a static variable? (11-May-09)

13) 05.13 How do you implement and also inherit at the same time? (11-May-09)

14) 05.14 When do you use private variables? (11-May-09)

15) 05.15 when do you use private methods? (11-May-09)

16) 05.16 when do you use protected methods? (11-May-09)

17) 05.17 when do you use public methods? (11-May-09)

18) 05.18 What is the syntax for foreach? (11-May-09)

19) 05.19 what is the interface necessary to support foreach? (11-May-09)

20) 05.20 How do you invoke the constructor of the parent class? (11-May-09)

21) 05.20 is there a restriction as to the extension of the filename? (12-May-09)

22) 05.21 How do you invoke one constructor from another constructor? (11-May-09)

23) 05.22 What is a namespace? (12-May-09)

24) 05.23 How do you declare a namespace? (12-May-09)

25) 05.24 How do you import a name space? (12-May-09)

26) 05.25 what class and method would you use to write output to a command line? (12-May-09)

27) 05.26 what is the signature of a main method in a c# class? (12-May-09)

28) 05.27 How is code commented in c#? (12-May-09)

29) 05.28 Is there a relationship between the class name and the filename? (12-May-09)

30) 05.29 Can there be more than one class in one file? (12-May-09)

31) 05.31 What is the name of the compiler used to compile c# code? (12-May-09)

32) 05.32 What is the base class for all other classes in c#? (16-May-09)

33) 05.33 what is an escape sequence in a string? (16-May-09)

34) 05.34 How can you insert a new line into a string literal? (16-May-09)

35) 05.36 How can you insert a tab into a string literal? (16-May-09)

36) 05.37 what is boxing? (16-May-09)

37) 05.38 How do you declare an array containing 5 strings? (16-May-09)

38) 05.39 What are enumerations and does c# support them? (16-May-09)

39) 05.40 How do you define an enumeration? (16-May-09)

40) 05.41 How can you assign an integer a value from an enum type? (16-May-09)

41) 05.42 How do you declare a variable of type enum? (16-May-09)

42) 05.43 what are some static methods of the class "enum"? (16-May-09)

43) 05.44 How can you get the string name for an enum value? (16-May-09)

44) 05.45 what is the syntax for foreach? (17-May-09)

45) 05.46 what is the connection between foreach and IEnumerable? (17-May-09)

46) 05.47 what methods are available on IEnumerable? (17-May-09)

47) 05.48 who can access a protected method? (17-May-09)

48) 05.49 who can access a private method? (17-May-09)

49) 05.50 what is a static method and when do you use it? (17-May-09)

50) 05.51 what is a virtual method? (17-May-09)

51) 05.51 when do you use override on a method? (17-May-09)

52) 05.52 when does one method hides another method from the base class? (17-May-09)

53) 05.53 what is an abstract method and how do you declare one? (18-May-09)

54) 05.55 How do you declare a method that doesn't return any values? (18-May-09)

55) 05.56 what makes up a method signature? (18-May-09)

56) 05.57 what are properties? (18-May-09)

57) 10.01 What is IL? (11-May-09)

58) 10.02 How do you initialize a static variable? (11-May-09)

59) 10.02 what is a reference type and a value type? (16-May-09)

60) 10.03 is string a value type or a reference type? (16-May-09)

61) 10.04 why is string an immutable reference? (16-May-09)

62) 10.05 How do you declare and initialize a two dimensional array? (16-May-09)

63) 10.05 what are verbatim string literals? (16-May-09)

64) 10.06 what is the type name for an array? (16-May-09)

65) 10.07 How do you declare and initialize a jagged array? (16-May-09)

66) 10.08 is operator overloading possible? (17-May-09)

67) 10.09 when do you use break and continue? (17-May-09)

68) 10.10 How is a struct different from a class? (17-May-09)

69) 10.11 what is a namespace alias? (17-May-09)

70) 10.12 What are the various types of class modifiers such as "public"? (17-May-09)

71) 10.13 What is a sealed class? (17-May-09)

72) 10.14 Can you pass values by reference? (18-May-09)

73) 10.15 what is an output parameter and why would you use it? (18-May-09)

74) 10.16 How would you define a method that takes any number of arguments? (18-May-09)

75) 10.17 what does a new modifier on a method indicate? (18-May-09)

76) 10.18 How do you make a class behave like an array? (18-May-09)

77) 10.19 what is a delegate? (19-May-09)

78) 10.20 How can you tell if an asyncdelegate completed its job? (19-May-09)

79) 10.20 how is a delegate similar to a function? (19-May-09)

80) 10.21 How is a delegate similar to a class? (19-May-09)

81) 10.22 How do you delcare a delegate? (19-May-09)

82) 10.22 what is a composite delegate? (19-May-09)

83) 10.23 Can you use a static method to create a delegate? (19-May-09)

84) 10.23 What do you use to construct a delegate? (19-May-09)

85) 10.24 what attributes and methods are available on a delegate class? (19-May-09)

86) 10.25 What static methods are available on Delegate class? (19-May-09)

87) 10.26 what does BeginInvoke do? (19-May-09)

88) 10.26 what is IAsyncResult? (19-May-09)

89) 10.27 what does endinvoke do? (19-May-09)

90) 10.27 Why should you not call an endInvoke right after beginInvoke? (19-May-09)

91) 10.28 what is an AsyncCallback? (19-May-09)

92) 10.29 what is asyncstate? (19-May-09)

93) 10.32 what is an asyncwaithandle? (19-May-09)

94) 10.33 do you have to call an endinvoke? (19-May-09)

95) 10.34 can you use a delegate for fire and forget? (19-May-09)

96) 10.35 do you have to call begininvoke explicitly? (19-May-09)

97) 15.01 When do you use a private constructor? (11-May-09)

98) 15.02 Are pointers supported in c#? (16-May-09)

99) General Notes (19-May-09)

100) who is Charles M Russel (17-Dec-09)