Sqoop - SQL to Hadoop

Used to load data from relational databases in parallel to HDFS using Map/Reduce framework underneath

Multiple workers will load data from multiple machines into an HDFS cluster.

You can also load data from HDFS to a relational database

List of Sqoop Commands

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Here is SQOOP user guide

$ sqoop help
usage: sqoop COMMAND [ARGS]

Available commands:
  codegen            Generate code to interact with database records
  create-hive-table  Import a table definition into Hive
  eval               Evaluate a SQL statement and display the results
  export             Export an HDFS directory to a database table
  help               List available commands
  import             Import a table from a database to HDFS
  import-all-tables  Import tables from a database to HDFS
  list-databases     List available databases on a server
  list-tables        List available tables in a database
  version            Display version information