Git Install

I was hoping the IDEs that I normall work with, like Eclipse, or any of your choice will know how to work with version control systems like Git without explicitly downloading such version control on to the OS!!

Eclipse does have EGit as a plugin.

However there are enough dependencies (I don't recall now exactly what they are as it has been a few weeks) that I did install Git on the windows system.

This document will point out a few links and facts you may want to have for such an installation.

I will also try to cover GitHub (setting up an account etc) as that is what I am using as the server side component.

Here are some GUI clients for Git

Main install site:

Here is a list of GUI tools for Git from git site

GitHub Desktop //Github
SourceTree //BitBucket

The out of the box GitGui client seem to come from:

Here is from ProGit book on GitGUI clients

Download seem to be about 50MB
when Installed about 500MB

git-gui.exe and gitk.exe are in the git/cmd/ subdirectory

I wanted to install it in 


With that as target directory it installed it in


Like everything else pay attention to 32bit install and 64 bit install

How can I download a specific folder from a GitHub repo?

Search for: How can I download a specific folder from a GitHub repo?

What is GitHub desktop?

Search for: What is GitHub desktop?

Here is the homepage of GitHub desktop

1. Command line windows git that is installed

2. Git GUI that comes with command line installation

3. Each IDE has their own version of git, sometimes emulating the whole protocol, and sometimes relying on the command line version of git

4. A plethora of other GUI third party programs

5. Now there is this addition tool "Git Desktop", looks like from github

I am happy with EGit while in eclipse

the VSCode support and its extensions are so so

I rarely or never used the GitGui

will see when I need to use the Git Desktop

will be nice if these tools show content of the remote without cloning them first and allow a downloads that are granular