Eclipse in 2017

Save and restore of old directories when I have upgraded my laptop OS no longer works.

there seem to be some crap saved under windows/users directory that gets blown out and eclipse need reinstall :(

Anyway I have switched to the latest release, that appears to be dated on Dec 2017.

Right off the bat there was confusion about should I install for Java EE or the standard Java. If I need Java EE later, will it be 2 different installs? Not sure.

i:\Eclipse.exe -vm i:\jdk142\bin\javaw.exe -data d:\my-Eclipse-workspace

Here are some old notes on setting up eclipse

Means I did not reinstall JDK

New eclipse install asked where the JDK is during the installation. This prompt will resolve to the java\bin\javaw.exe

(button) Installation Details

Java Git
Web developer tools (CSS)

How do I unhide files in eclipse?

Search for: How do I unhide files in eclipse?

This is discussed here on SOF

It is on the top right hand side of the Project Explorer sub-window.

Project Explorer
  view menu
      (uncheck) .* resources

for example gradle build directory and its subdirectories

You can unhide them in the same menu