As one may have anticipated, there may be differences in how we digest different types of calories resulting in a net calories being less than what we have evaluated them to be when taking in. Some of the factors appears to be whether they are cooked or not, cell structure of the food (which could get soft and lost during cooking), what kind of microbes are in your gut etc.

Here is a more complete article from sciam

Microbes cultures carry may vary depending on geo location

as it gets predigested.

But what might be novel is the realization that in eating such foods you could lose weight while keeping the precise tally of the calories you consume exactly the same. Of course how much weight you lose depends on who you and your microbes are.

So cook less if that is an option....

Small portions of hot rice
Hard boiled Daal (a type of split pigeon peas boiled with turmeric and salt)
Any leafy pickle (like Gongura) you can buy from an Indian store
Mix it up
Eat with plenty of 
  Raw baby carrots
  Raw onions
  Raw green cayenne pepper

It is so much tastier than any meat product ...

soak raw almonds overnight in water
Drain them in the morning for a change in taste
(Don't know if you would loose any nutrients for soaking!!)